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Fees and cancellation policy

Fees for service

Self funding individual psychotherapy sessions are £90 per session (55 minutes duration), to be paid at the time of booking. ​

Health insurance individual psychotherapy sessions are £110 per  session to be paid at the time of booking. ​

Any additional service costs (e.g letters to your GP if you request this) will be discussed before completion.

Cancellation Policy

While we appreciate that there are many valid reasons why clients may need to cancel their appointments at short notice the following policy applies.

In providing us less than 48 hours notice in the cancellation of your appointment this incurs a cost to us in both the loss of room fees already paid for your slot, and does not allow us enough time to offer your slot to new clients.  We hope you can appreciate that this means the full cost of the session is incurred.

If you are having therapy paid for by your insurer you will be personally responsible for paying any attended or cancelled appointments.