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A Bit About Me

In 2004, I embarked on the path to become a qualified clinical psychologist. After obtaining a first class honours bachelor degree in psychology at the University of Liverpool,  I went on to complete a doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of  Manchester. I have been employed by the NHS since 2011 and continue to work for the NHS in adult mental health services.

Post doctoral training:

I have attended numerous post-doctoral trainings such as schema therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), Mentalisation-based treatment training. I prefer to work in a person centred manner, adapting therapy to my client's individual needs. 

I am fully registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) the national regulator of health and care professions in the UK. Registration number PYL31555.

Area of expertise: 

My specialist area of expertise is in supporting people that find themselves in repeated patterns of thinking and behaving that either never worked quite well or no longer work for the person. This can manifest itself in repeated problems at work (e.g. overworking, avoidance of work, high levels of stress...), in intimate relationships (e.g. conflict, avoidance, difficulties with feeling connected and difficulties with communication...) and friendships (e.g. avoiding talking about oneself, always focusing on others, always having a similar role in friendships that does not meet one's needs...) or even with the relationship a person has with themselves (issues with identity and self, self-esteem; hypercriticalness...). People may also find themselves stuck in unhelpful repeated ways of coping with thoughts, feelings and relationships and this can have a significant and detrimental impact on wellbeing and quality of life. Problems such as poor sleep, anxiety, OCD, up and down moods are often the byproduct of difficulties with coping.

If you think this resonants with you and you would like to know if therapy may help, please feel free to book a free 15-minute consultation:

Main additional Training/CPD


  • Two day International Personality Disorder Examination training- IPDE 2 day introduction – Dr Caroline Logan, Greater Manchester West NHS

  • Three day Mentalisation-based Treatment – Basic level training- Professor Anthony Bateman and Peter Fonagy, Anna Freud Centre, London

  • Two day Structured Clinical Management (SCM) training- Professor Anthony Bateman and DrMark Sampson, Anna Freud Centre, London

  • Seven day Schema Therapy workshop based training– Dr Arnie Reed - Schema TherapyWorkshops Ltd, Cardiff – over 20 sessions of supervised practice by an accredited schema supervisor.

  • Three day training in CBT for Psychosis – Dr Tony Morrison, Dr Samantha Bowe - CBT Training, Centre at the Psychosis Research Unit, GMW NHS Trust, Manchester

  • Two-day CBT informed complex trauma, dissociation and flashbacks

  • Completing Certificate of Completion of Basic Training in EMDR Therapy

  • Supervisor Training Programme - The University of Manchester, Manchester


Accredited by the UK Health and Care Professions Council.


Member of the EMDR Association UK and Ireland.


European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment

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